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Friday, March 16, 2018

WELCOME all to our new BEAT Children's Theatre website!  We are SO excited to launch a new website that represents all the growth and progress we have made at BEAT over the recent years.  Over the next few weeks we will help you all get to know this website and will continue to work to make it as easy and fun for you as possible.  We thank you in advance for your patience as we work to build and refine this site.  And a HUGE thank you to our Board member, Bryan Daines, for all his hard work in bringing this site to life.  Bryan has been with BEAT since it's very fist day back in 2006...and we would not be here today without him.  THANK YOU Bryan! 

As part of our new site, I will be regularly updating our very first BEAT Blog!  Through this blog I will keep you updated on all the exciting happenings at BEAT, introduce new programs and new teachers or directors, highlight exciting accomplishments, and share some of the things we learn about why Theatre Arts are SO important in the lives of young people... in all our lives.  We may hear from some of our students from time to time to... as they put my clever thoughts to shame with their amazing creativity and perspective.

So please continue to check in on us  - laugh with us, cry with us, grow with us.  Thank you for being part of our BEAT family!  We would not be us without you

To kick us off, here is a fun photo from Oklahoma! rehearsal last night.  See you soon!

Bree (aka "Boss Lady")

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