BEAT Children's Theatre COVID-19 Safety Plan!

Did you know all that BEAT is doing to keep you and your family (as well as our wonderful staff) safe and healthy?  Our TOP priority is the care and well-being of all our students, staff and their families.

  • Health Screenings at check-in EVERY DAY for BEAT events

  • Limiting capacity for BEAT programs to a maximum of 10 participants to maximize social distancing

  • Requiring participants to practice social distancing and staff will monitor social distancing to the best of their ability– indoors and out

  • Clearly marked spaces throughout the entire studio help take the guess work out of social distancing!

  • Requiring masks be worn for indoor programs (only exceptions are for individuals for whom a medical condition would make wearing a mask unsafe)

  • BEAT requires the wearing of masks for outdoor, as well as indoor BEAT programs, as required pursuant to the Governor's guidelines.

  • Cleanings of our studio after EVERY event – even multiple times a day if necessary

  • Providing access to lots of hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial handsoap and cleaning products

  • Posting lots of reminder signs about our COVID conduct expectations regarding hand washing, masks, distancing

  • Reviewing of COVID conduct expectations at the beginning of every event

  • Keeping check-in/check-out logs for BEAT events to make easy any necessary cooperation with contact tracing efforts by local health authorities

While we will work tirelessly to ensure the safety of your children and our staff, we recognize that COVID-19 is serious and despite precautions, there is always the risk that the virus can travel and infect anyone. No program is without risks.  The ultimate decision to enroll your child/children requires you as the parent/guardian to assess the level of risk that provides you comfort. 

Any questions or concerns or special needs?  Please feel free to contact our Executive Director, Bree Beal at!


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